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A monthly subscription to volume 1 of the advancing guitarist's online course. 

The Advancing Guitarist's Online Course is a three-volume series designed to help aspiring Rock, Blues and Jazz-Fusion guitar players who feel stuck in a rut, to break free from the musical chains that are holding them back.

Why Study With Anthony's Advanced Guitar Courses?

Structured Learning – You will study an expertly written course that has been designed to equip you with the fretboard knowledge, technique and musicality you need to accomplish your goals. With so many books, DVDs, magazines and online tutorials available, it’s difficult to know where to start. The Advancing Guitarists Online Course delivers structured learning so that you see the progression and results week on week.

Value for Money – Studying online with The Advancing Guitarists Course is much cheaper than in person lessons.

Experience Music College Style Learning – If you always wanted to go to music college but couldn’t, The Advancing Guitarists Online Course makes this experience available to you, and at a fraction of the cost.

Become an Improved Instrumentalist – Studying on The Advancing Guitarists Online Course will improve your technical skills so that you can play the music you’ve always wanted to play.

College Level Made Accessible – Not everybody can go to music college, there are often barriers that stop us from being able to do what we really want to do. The Advancing Guitarists Online Course gives you the maximum value for your money, delivering high end, college-level instruction for a fraction of the cost and time of studying elsewhere.

Access The Course At Your Own Pace - The Beauty of online study means you can go at your own pace, and study from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world!

High Quality Resources - With a combination of over 10 hours of HD video lessons, downloadable PDF booklets, Guitar Pro files, mp3 files, lesson overviews with a structured plan, and practice logs for tracking progress, you are guaranteed to get results with Anthony's programs.

First-class support - Anthony is only ever an email away, so if you get stuck with any of the lesson material, or just want to ask a question, help is at hand. Get in touch via the contact page on Anthony's website.

What's On The Advancing Guitarist's Online Courses?

After studying the guitar for 20 years at the highest levels and with over a decade of guitar teaching experience behind him, Anthony discovered some key areas that most advancing guitar players have trouble with:

Technique – A really common problem in all styles of music, not being able to play fast passages or being able to hear what you want to play in your head when improvising, but not having the skills to execute it.

Fretboard Knowledge - Similar to technique, many guitar players have a weakness when it comes to scales, chords and arpeggios. Poor knowledge of your fretboard can damage your music when playing the rhythm and lead parts that you aspire to. Blues players tend to find that playing over the whole neck is challenging or struggle to outline the changes that define the Blues. Jazz players have similar issues, whereas, for Rock and Metal players, scales, modes and arpeggios are often overlooked skills.

Implementation - Players of all genres can often copy the licks and riffs of heroes but feel that it just doesn't sound as good when they play. Many good players still feel that their ideas are just not as creative as they want, or they can't get the sounds in their head to translate to the fretboard.

What's Covered in Volume 1?

Fretboard Knowledge Module

There is no point in having a great technical facility but not knowing where your devices are on the fretboard. It’s only by choosing the right notes that you can make good music. In all three volumes you will learn the guitar neck inside and out. In volume 1 you will learn:

The CAGED System - So called as it is fundamentally based on the shapes of an open C, A, G, E and D chord. The CAGED system is a powerful tool for learning interval relationships, chords, scales and arpeggios all over the neck, and is a very useful way for navigating chord changes when soloing or playing rhythm.

The Arpeggiator system - Teaches you how to find different keys in one fretboard area for chords, scales and arpeggios.

The Three Notes Per String System – This system lays out scale patterns with three notes played on every string in one position. It’s a very useful system for playing technical passages. Commonly associated with scalar playing, you can also incorporate arpeggios and triads with three notes per string.

The Four Notes Per String System – By connecting three notes per string areas together you can also get four notes per string patterns. Used by players like Allan Holdsworth, this system is great for extending the fretboard.

Octave Displacement or Scale Chunking – This system provides a great way to cover lots of ground on the neck very quickly.

Linear Playing (along the length of strings) – Playing along the length of a single string is a great way to visualise intervallic relationships and also gives runs a very violin like quality.

Positional Playing – Positional playing is all about being able to hit lots of different musical devices, such as intervals, triads, pentatonics, arpeggios, scales and playing changes without having to move up and down the fretboard.

Combination Playing – Combination playing is ultimate fretboard freedom, being able to play all over the whole neck, and combining all of the other systems so you can go wherever you want and play anything.

Triads - Triads relative to CAGED and in inversions along string sets.

Pentatonic and Blues scales - Five positions relative to CAGED, and how to connect them so you know the scales, full fretboard.

Chords and Arpeggios - Major, Minor, Major 7, Dominant 7, Minor 7 and Minor 7 flat 5 chords and arpeggios relative to CAGED and how to hit key changes with them.

Modes - The modes of the major scale aligned with CAGED and three notes per string systems.

Intervallic studies - including 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and 6ths.

Many of these fretboard knowledge concepts will be explored in conjunction with different techniques. It is Anthony's firm belief that by practising technique and fretboard knowledge simulatenously, you will become a better player.

Technique Module

Master your style, from Blues or Rock, to Jazz, having great technique will allow you to play anything!

Legato (hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides) – Legato is a broad musical term that means something should be played smoothly. For guitar players this means using a mixture of hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides to get an effect that Joe Satriani describes as sounding like liquid mercury.

Alternate Picking – Alternating the direction your pick moves in allows you to play faster than using one type of stroke. Alternate picking also helps your playing stay in time.

Sweep/Economy Picking – Sweeping provides us with an ultra efficient way of playing arpeggios, and economy picking does the same for scalar passages.

Tapping – Tapping allows us to extend the range of our legato playing by using fingers from the picking hand to execute notes.

Vibrato – Adding vibrato to your notes and lick exit points is vital for adding a professional polish to your playing.


Knowledge is power and knowing music theory empowers your playing so that you can make informed decisions about what you want to play, not just hitting notes and hoping for the best. On The Advancing Guitarists Online Course, you will study concise theory concepts, the theory is not complex, daunting, or overbearing. We learn just the stuff you need, NOT hours of unnecessary study.

Theoretical concepts include:

  • Interval mapping scales
  • Harmonising scales
  • Creating triad formulae
  • Seventh chords and arpeggio formulae
  • Extension tones
  • Modes of the major scale.

The Advancing Guitarists Online Course is your opportunity to experience something you thought you might have missed out on. By taking your place on volume 1 of this course you will be studying from a creative, inspiring resource, offering expert and progressive guitar tuition delivered in a friendly and casual atmosphere. You will feel like Anthony is in the room with you delivering the lessons, and with all the high-quality resources you will have at your disposal, you will end years of guitar playing frustration, and gain the confidence, the technique and the knowledge to play the music you’ve always wanted to play.

  • 34 high quality HD video guitar lessons, with over 10 hours of run time.

  • High quality downloadable PDF tuition material
  • Lesson overview and write up in PDF
  • Guitar Pro files
  • Mp3 files
  • Structured practice routines
  • Practice logs
  • Backing Tracks
  • Quality support! reach out to Anthony for help with anything on the course
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
  • 34 high quality HD video guitar lessons, with over 10 hours of run time.
  • High quality downloadable PDF tuition material
  • Lesson overview and write up in PDF
  • Guitar Pro files
  • Mp3 files
  • Structured practice routines
  • Practice logs
  • Backing Tracks
  • Quality support! reach out to Anthony for help with anything on the course
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!
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